Respond Mindfully: Training, Coaching and Consultation

Mindfulness Training Resources and Materials


Guided Meditations

Thanks to wonderful colleagues and friends from around the world, there is a abundance of guided meditations available for free.  Below, I provide links to some great resources from the University of California, San Diego (Center for Mindfulness) and UCLA Mindful Awaren   

9 Minute Loving Kindness Meditation 

15 Minute Awareness of Breath by Lois Howland 

20 Minute Body Scan by Steve Hickman

45 Minute Body Scan by Steven Hickman

45 Minute Body Scan by Cassondra Graff 

45 Minute Mindful Movement Lying Down Postures by Lois Howland 

45 Minute Seated Meditation by Steven Hickman 

40 Minute Mindful Movement Standing Postures by Livia Walsh

MBSR Resources

If you are interested in deeping your knowledge of mindfulness meditation, you are welcome to read  Ken Lunn's MBSR Workbook.  Ken has made this resource available free of charge and is licensed under CC BY 2.0.  During the MBSR course, including on the course outline, we'll share page numbers that reference to the workbook so that you are able to read later on about topics we covered in class.