Respond Mindfully: Training, Coaching and Consultation

Respond Mindfully Services

MBSR Course

I offer the MBSR 8 week evidence-based curriculum.  This program can be delivered in a variety of settings, and has most prominently been offered in community health clinics and hospitals.  I can offer this program at other sites, such as businesses or organizations that would like to offer the program to its employees.  To learn more about the MBSR course, click here.


Learning about mindfulness meditation, practices, and concepts can feel overwhelming.  I am available to develop training tailored to your organization's needs. I do this by aligning and bridging mindfulness meditation concepts with your organization's goals and outcomes.

Early Childhood and Parenting Development

In addition to services related to learning and practicing mindfulness meditation, I am available for specialized support related to  early childhood and parenting development systems, such as early education, social services, family strengthening, etc.  Click here to read about my experience in this field.


I can work with you one-on-one to learn the theory and practices covered in the MBSR curriculum and/or to work with you on applying these concepts in every day life, such as work, public speaking, relationships, etc.

Stuttering and Other Related Impediments

As a person with a developmental stutter, practicing mindfulness meditation allowed me successfully deal with stress and anxiety brought on by the social stigma surrounding stuttering, and have the clarity of mind to be present for moments when I needed to use speech therapy skills.  I am available to support others who are working with stuttering or related impediments that negatively impact your quality of life due to underlying stress and anxiety.

Customized Approaches and in En Español

I am available to think about alternative methods to learn about mindfulness meditation or other related topics and concepts.  

I am able to conduct and provide any of services mentioned on this page in Spanish.